About the Artist

I was born and raised in Bucks County (a Philadelphia suburb), attended Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, and earned a bachelor’s degree in textile design. After college, I moved to Shippensburg for my first job at Hoffman Mills. I worked at Hoffman Mills for 10 years until their unfortunate closing.

Currently, I  reside in Spring Run, PA, with my husband and two sons. I am lucky to have an adult step-daughter who lives minutes away from us.

Today, my husband and I are running several businesses. We own several rental properties within the Borough of Shippensburg. My husband has a construction business,  we are organic crop farming and raising beef cattle, and as time permits, I am handweaving. I enjoy the various businesses, but raising our two sons is my priority. I enjoy farming since it gives me a chance to be outside and spend some quality time with my sons, who really love farming and are hoping to take it over someday. 

To be environmentally friendly, I use upcycled yarn from Hoffman Mills, and I try to buy organic yarn when I can. Many of the new items I am weave are made with organic yarn. 

How I Started Handweaving

When I read about weavers and how they got started in the fiber arts, most people say they had a grandmother who taught them how to knit or crochet. My interest did not start until I was in college. At that time, I was studying interior design, and a professor realized that I did not love it, so he suggested trying a textile design class. I loved it, and I received a degree in textile design from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. After college, I moved from my hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to Shippensburg to work at Hoffman Mills. I worked as a textile designer for about 10 years before they unfortunately closed. After the mills’ closing, I did various things until I decided to dust off my handweaving loom and start weaving again.

Weaving gives me a chance to slow down, enjoy the labor of love and watch fabric being produced pick by pick. When I am weaving, it gives me time to express who I am and the little things in life that inspire me. My home studio is nestled in the woods, and nature and color are my inspiration. I spend a great deal of time outside hiking and being outside to enjoy nature’s beauty.

I truly love exploring the world of weaving, and I hope that my work shows my enthusiasm. You can see some of my work on the gallery page of our website! 

blue and green handmade woven scarf
hand weaving towels
handwoven tea towel

What Our Customers are Saying

Best kitchen towel ever! So glad to find on etsy! Highly recommend. Shipped quickly. Thank you so much
hand woven dish towels
Etsy Customer
Happy color combination, beautifully woven. I love how Carrie's work gives surplus yarn a useful life. I prefer handwoven towels for drying hands in the kitchen, and this is serving us well -- very absorbent and amply sized.
decorative bathroom towel
Etsy Customer
Fantastic handwoven dish towel! Soft, beautiful colors, great craftswomanship, light and absorbent. Great communication and lighting fast, free shipping! Buy yours today!
Etsy Customer
Carrie Varner Textiles
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