About the Artist

When I read about weavers and how they got started in the fiber arts…
Most people say they had a grandmother who taught them how to knit or crochet. My love for fabric design did not start until I was in college. At that time, I was studying interior design, and a professor realized that I did not love it, so he suggested trying a textile design class. I loved it, and I received a degree in textile design from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science.

After college, I worked as a commercial textile designer for about a decade. I was crushed when the mill closed. At the time, I was married with a one year old, and my husband did not want to move since his daughter could not go with us.

When the mill closed, I noticed they were throwing all the yarn in the dumpsters. The owner let me take all the yarn home. At the time, I was not sure what I was going to with all of it.

The mill closed in 2005, and I have done a variety of positions from freelance graphic design, owned and managed a successful convenience store from the ground up, and worked a paint and flooring showroom assisting customers. Unfortunately, none of these positions filled my creative cup!

How I Started Handweaving

Fast forward to 2019, I dusted off the my handweaving loom and started handweaving. Today, I am handweaving in my studio located on one of our organic farms. Since I am willing to organically farm, why not, use eco-friendly, sustainable yarn too! I weave many of my pieces with up-cycled, rescued yarns from the mill where I use to work. Many of my pieces are hand dyed with eco-friendly dyes that are safe for me to dye without using gloves or a mask.

Today, you will find me helping my husband with his construction company, working on our rental properties, cleaning our Airbnb, organic crop farming, or taking care of our organic beef cattle. My favorite time is when I get a chance to be creative and weave in my studio!

Weaving gives me a chance to slow down, enjoy the labor of love and watch fabric being produced pick by pick. When I am weaving, it gives me time to express who I am and the little things in life that inspire me. I spend a great deal of time outside hiking and being outside to enjoy nature’s beauty.

I truly love exploring the world of weaving, and I hope that my work shows my enthusiasm. You can see some of my work on the gallery page of our website! 

How to Keep In Touch

You can always contact me here and/or follow me on social media!

My studio address:
17222 Mill Road
Spring Run, PA 17262

Business Hours are Monday – Friday 8-5 EST.

You can contact me anytime at carrie(a)carrievarnertextiles.com

Scarf laying on wooden table with yarn.
hand weaving loom