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Handwoven Designs Made In Central PA

Welcome to the home of Carrie Varner Textiles. All my items are handwoven by me in my home studio in rural Pennsylvania. Many of the yarns I am using came from a textile mill where I worked. If I am not using yarns that I upcycled from the mill, I try and use environmentally friendly yarns.

I enjoy all the stages of weaving, from making the warp, dyeing the yarn, dressing the loom, and my favorite part, weaving. I love the weaving stage since I can see how the color combinations come together.

My inventory, patterns, styles, and colors are constantly changing, so please check in regularly to see my latest designs!

“Beautiful towels — that really work! I save them for when I need to keep a towel on the counter, especially when I place hand-washed dishes on the counter to dry. They absorb every last drop. Bought several for my daughters, too! Fun small gift to share as we all spend more time in our homes and kitchens due to the pandemic.”

-Marcie, Etsy Customer

What Our Customers are Saying

Best kitchen towel ever! So glad to find on etsy! Highly recommend. Shipped quickly. Thank you so much
hand woven dish towels
Etsy Customer
Happy color combination, beautifully woven. I love how Carrie's work gives surplus yarn a useful life. I prefer handwoven towels for drying hands in the kitchen, and this is serving us well -- very absorbent and amply sized.
decorative bathroom towel
Etsy Customer
Fantastic handwoven dish towel! Soft, beautiful colors, great craftswomanship, light and absorbent. Great communication and lighting fast, free shipping! Buy yours today!
Etsy Customer
Carrie Varner Textiles
Spring Run, PA 17262
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